Urgent care


24-hour telephone number for medical emergencies: (495) 229-0003

Medicina clinic offers a unique service: paid emergency response (Moscow). You may call an ambulance around the clock.


If you have a medical emergency, you may dial the number that everyone knows: “03”. But nowadays, a medical emergency response in Moscow may also be a paid medical service, which means a rapid ambulance delivery to those who need it most.

Paid ambulance means a state-of-the-art vehicle ideally suited for transporting patients in states of various severity.

Emergency ambulance offered by Medicina clinic has everything necessary to provide urgent care. In addition to medical equipment, our ambulance is also outfitted with modern communication devices. In particular, a paid emergency ambulance has an installed system that allows an operator to control the location of every vehicle. This allows informing an ambulance that is leaving on a call of the most efficient route, so that our ambulance will arrive in the shortest possible time.

Our ambulance, which is on call 24 hours, is equipped with a system that allows its team to contact the clinic’s specialists. Thanks to this, it is possible to consult a specialist via audio or video connection and inform about a patients condition prior to the patients arrival at the clinic, in order to prepare all the necessary medical equipment.

The condition of vehicles that service the Moscow medical emergency response team of the Medicina clinic is strictly monitored. The car fleet of an ambulance that you can summon by the phone at any time of the day is equipped with highly reliable imported cars. This is modern medical transport with climate-control, equipment, apparatuses and pharmaceutical products. Ambulance may also be used for regular (not emergency) transportation of patients.


Our Moscow ambulance is a rapid response to an emergency phone call. It processes the call and monitors the vehicles speediest arrival.

Emergency ambulance is available 24/7 at the phone number: (495) 229-0003.

When you use the services of our paid emergency ambulance, you may always rely on the rapid arrival of the medical emergency team, even to remote districts.

Emergency ambulance means highly qualified doctors and modern work methods.

The Medicina clinics ambulance (Moscow) has experienced paramedics on staff who are capable to support a patients stable condition and even resuscitate a patient.