In-patient hospital

Our in-patient hospital, certified according to international standards of providing medical care (JCI), you may rely on receiving not just quality medical care and safe treatment but true comfort.

Our in-patient hospital is a multi-field one. It offers therapeutic and surgical treatments of many illnesses. There are few health problems that cannot be treated here.

Our doctors are highly qualified professionals, Candidates and Doctors of Medical Sciences. We conduct examinations very quickly: during the first 24 hours of your stay, we will do everything for you that is necessary, even during weekends and holidays. For an accurate diagnosis, we use the most modern methods of diagnostics and treatment. Many of our doctors received their education at the best European clinics and have an extensive practical experience. The majority of them are Doctors and Candidates of Medical Sciences. When you come to our in-patient clinic, you may be confident that we follow the leading European protocols and standards of investigation and treatment.

The smooth and professional work of our intensive care unit guarantees quality treatment even for the most severely ill patients. Many of our nurses have also had internships at the best European clinics. You wouldn’t believe it: they are always smiling! Only certified drugs of high quality are used. Upon your request, a nurse will show you a package so you may see for yourself.

We are very economical with your time: you are going to stay here exactly the amount of time that is necessary. We use the methods of early activation for patients after surgery, which allows them to return to their usual lifestyle quickly. On average, patients spend about four days here.

Our wards are more reminiscent of suites of four- and five-star hotels than hospital wards. We have tried to do everything possible to make you comfortable and cozy: every room has multipurpose furniture, spacious wardrobe, TV, telephone, bathroom, and some rooms even have a refrigerator.


If you require admission to inpatient hospital of Medicina JSC, you must contact the administrator at: 8 (499) 995-0033, or doctor on duty: 8 (916) 518-4051.

The inpatient hospitals administration will provide all the necessary information on the order of hospitalization and will discuss the placement conditions with you. If you have additional questions, you will be connected with a doctor on duty or with the chief physician.

For severely ill patients, we organize transportation from home by special transport escorted by a doctor. If you require transportation, please contact the ambulance operator at: (499) 250-9900.

In case of hospitalization, you must have the following items on you:

— passport;

case records, results of previous tests and blood work, if available.

If you require emergency hospitalization, please contact emergency physician on duty at: (499) 251-8223 or 8 (916) 518-4051. Physician on duty will confirm your problem and will inform you about the availability.

At our inpatient clinic, you pay in advance. It means that you deposit an initial amount, which is applied towards our services. We accept cash and bank cards. The hospitalization is possible only when advance payment is made.

Treatment of internal diseases requires advance payment in the amount of 120,000 rubles; surgical treatment150,000 rubles; hospitalization180,000.

If your account runs low, the inpatient departments administrator will contact you and name an additional amount that is necessary to deposit. We will issue a detailed report on provided services and their cost at any time at your request. You will receive all financial documents at check-out. All the unused funds will be returned to you.

We would like to point out that a portion of the funds spent on treatment at in-patient hospital, is tax deductible.