One-year healthcare contracts

Dear Sir or Madam, On behalf of Medicina JSC we would like to extend to you our welcome and wish you health and success in business. Caring for health has become an important part of corporate culture, since there is a direct connection between stability and further development of a company and good health and high performance of its employees. Since 2010 organizations have received an opportunity to conclude one-year contracts for healthcare services to be provided to their employees directly with medical institutions and include costs under such contracts into expenditures when calculating taxable income (pursuant to amendments to Part II Article 255 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation which came into force on January 1, 2010). Clinic of Medicina JSC, the guardian of patients’ health throughout 20 years that has an extensive experience of cooperation with corporate clients, has elaborated and is offering for your consideration annual healthcare programmes tailoring to different organization requirements. Our programmes include the widest range of medical services in Moscow (as compared to programs offered by other clinics or insurance companies) and provide for special conditions for organizations. A comprehensive healthcare programme incorporates preventive medical examination. We consider this programme the best on the market. In case you are interested in a cheaper alternative excluding preventive medical examination, we are offering this kind of programme as well. As regards its content, this programme corresponds to the best programmes provided by insurance companies. The cost of programmes depends on the number of subscribed patients and the term of the contract (if the Contract is concluded for 2 or 3 years, the decreasing rate would apply). Subscription to programmes provided by the Clinic is lower in price than subscription via insurance companies. WE ARE PROVIDING THE FOLLOWING TYPES OF 1-YEAR HEALTHCARE CONTRACTS (11 people and more for each contract) One-year healthcare contracts (adults) - including preventive medical examination RUR 59,000 - excluding preventive medical examination RUR 49,000 One-year healthcare contracts (children) - including preventive medical examination RUR 130,000 - excluding preventive medical examination RUR 104,000 *For patients who are foreign citizens and who do not speak Russian there are special rates that could be specified at the Contracts Department (Tel. (495) 995-00-88) WHY CHOOSE MEDICINA JSC? Medicina JSC is a private multi-disciplinary clinic incorporating a polyclinic (with 20 specialized centres), an inpatient facility and round-the-clock emergency and trauma care. The Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices and appliances. Moreover, it serves as a clinical base for the Department of Therapy and Family Medicine of the Russian State Medical University. Physicians employed by the Clinic are involved in scientific research and teaching activities that are typical of university clinics only. OBJECTIVE GROUNDS FOR SELECTION - Marks of distinction. Recognition of high quality of services by independent experts from reputable national and international organizations - First 5* clinic in Russia - Conformity with medical assistance quality standards - Providing patients with the GUARANTEES of high quality of service and liability for their implementation, including material liability - Multidisciplinary university clinic that takes active part in scientific activities - Confidentiality of personal data and openness with regard to interaction with the patient who is treated as the doctor’s partner during a recovery process. For information on corporate subscription go to For applications re. contracts drafting go to For any further queries please contact Contracts Drafting Department Tel. +7 (495) 995-00-88 Marketing Department Tel. +7 (495) 250-82-48 When addressing Medicina JSC please be assured that anything we provide is unique and unrivalled thing known to the world