Make appointment with a doctor

Dear patients!

You can make appointment with the English speaking doctors of Medicina by calling to 995-00-33. You will be put through to an English speaking administrator of the clinic who will assist you in the following matters:

  • will render a twenty-four-hour assistance over the phone in calling an ambulance, calling a doctor or admission to hospital;
  • will receive a phone call for making appointment with a doctor;
  • will meet you in the clinic and explain the rules for obtaining medical care and its payment;
  • will help you to pay the invoice for the rendered services;
  • will accompany you to the doctor’s room or laboratory for an examination;
  • will translate from English into Russian and from Russian into English during the visit or admission to hospital;
  • at client’s request will invite a translator from other languages to the clinic for translation during the visit or admission to hospital;
  • will arrange translation into English and other foreign language of your medical records;
  • will make an invoice and calculation of prices for the rendered medical services in the English language for submission to the foreign insurance companies.

You can make appointment with the following doctors:

  • District Therapist Angelina M.A.
  • District Therapist Berzhko O.I.
  • District Therapist Serebryakova O.E.
  • District Pediatrician Volodina L.S..
  • Senior ENT Lvova E.A.
  • ENT-Doctor Synebogov S.V.
  • Obstetrician-Gynecologist Karmyzova T.S.
  • Senior Traumatologist Savchenko S.V.
  • General Practitioner Kondratova N.V.
  • Dental Therapist Belyaeva E.I.
  • Dental Therapist Grinberg M.A.
  • Dental Therapist Plikhunov L.V.
  • Dental Orthopedist Galkina O.V.
  • Dental Orthopedist Dzalayeva F.K. 

We would be glad to help you!