Additional services

Our guests can get everything necessary for their health, well-being, good looks and high spirits inside the clinic. Beside the clinic itself its premises host adrugstore, optician, café and restaurant “Doctor”.



Weare offering our visitors anopportunity tobuy all the required medicines right here, inside the clinic.

Assoon asthe doctor gives you the prescription, you can purchase the necessary medicines. The wide variety isoffered byour drugstore. Alongside with the prescribed medicines there isachoice ofdrugs sold without prescription, food supplements, parapharmaceuticals, care products, cosmetic preparations.

Experienced staff ofthe drugstore isalways ready tohelp you with choosing the right medicine, food supplements, providing consultations onapplication ofcosmetics ifnecessary.



The new eyeglasses always imply the new outlook. Asamatter offact, there are noobstacles for you todowithout spectacles. There are many ways ofeyesight correction. Atthe same time the glasses allow you tochange your looks and create your own image.

The glasses must becarefully and professionally manufactured, and the spectacle rim must becomfortable and well fitting. Qualified specialists will put modern plastic lenses bythe best producers into the rim. Less than anhour ofwaiting over acup ofcoffee and amagazine, and you will put onyour new glasses, looking perfect onyour new re-modeled faced.

Café and restaurant Doctor


The restaurant Doctor with the two cosy rooms, each ofthem with its own unique style. Elegant interior design, comfortable chairs, tasty and healthy food, well-trained and attentive personnel, live music every night.

European and Russian dishes will satisfy even the most demanding tastes, while being good for your health. The special part inthe menu offers low-calorie healthy food. Restaurant isopen from10:00 till the last client. The table can beordered bytelephone (250-03-99). Besides, the restaurant can organize abanquet, inthis case special discounts are available.

Ifyou are hungry orjust want tomake ashort brake, visit our cosy café. Itisopen every day, offering fast and tasty snack orjust acup ofgood coffee.