Rehabilitation department

Department ofárehabilitation medicine and cardio rehabilitation isáone ofáthe largest ináour clinic.

All the patients coming toáthe clinic for surgery are offered the programs ofácomplex rehabilitation, soáthat the carried out surgical correction ofácardiovascular diseases can give the best results.

The department includes rooms for physical, traditional, psychotherapeutic treatment and aáhospital.

The department extensively uses multiple kinds ofátherapeutic and health-improving massage. The method ofáStone Therapy, numbering 3000áyears, uses warmed-up precious stone called jade for restoring the flow ofávital Chi energy. And the Thai foot massage harmonizes all the bodily functions.

Manual therapy and the Japanese acupuncture therapy called Shiatsu have gained the greatest popularity. They not only bring relief toáthe body, but also assist inápsychological relaxation.

Our health center helps the patients toácorrect their body shape without exposing themselves toáintensive physical strains. Here you are guaranteed toáreceive triple security, giving the sensation ofácomfort and high-quality care. All this due toáthe premium—class equipment, thoroughly developed methods for each patient individually and the experienced professional staff. Ifáyou want toáimprove your health and obtain wonderful looks itáisánot necessary toágoátoáspecialized resorts. All you need for feeling excellent you can find ináour clinic.

There are individual and group trainings ináthe equipped rooms for physiotherapy exercises and cardio rehabilitation. For the quickest and effective rehabilitation ofáour patients weáhave developed aáunique system ofáspecialized training equipment. The patient can interact with the computer byáhimself, choosing the most effective way ofárehabilitation. The cardio rehabilitation program assists inárecovering after aástroke oráaásurgical operation onáthe heart. Competent specialists will teach you toálive with your disease, they will develop for you aásocial adaptation system. Those who wish toáregain their shape and look fit can get anáad-hock developed program ofátraining. Ináthe well-aired and evergreen winter garden our patients will always feel calm and tranquil.

Dermatocosmetology department ofáMedicina uses various rejuvenation techniques. Here weáuse only certified medicines ofáleading producers, approved byácertification committees. Doctors not just carry out beauty care, but determine the core problem and fight itáefficiently. Our staff members are not just expert beauticians. They are professional dermatologists. After the diagnostics the patient isáprescribed the appropriate treatment, both in-clinic and atáhome, bringing excellent results. Make appointment with our oncologist-dermatologists, and you will get rid ofápapillomas and birthmarks quickly and painlessly. Witháus itáisáeasier toáget closer toáthe beauty ideal!

In Rehabilitation Department we have for you:

  • Water treatment
  • Therapeutic Exercise Doctor
  • Dermatologist
  • Venerologist (Cosmetologist)
  • Dermatologist-Oncologist
  • Reflex Therapist
  • Manual Massage Therapist
  • Masseur
  • Shiatsu ╠asseur
  • Physiotherapist
  • Physiotherapist (Colonic Therapy)
  • Physiotherapist (Oxygenobarotherapy)
  • Health Center
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Center