The Sofia* Oncology Center


Oncology center that prolongs life

Grigory Roytberg, President of Medicina JSC, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medical Science, professorGrigory Roytberg, President of Medicina JSC, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medical Science, professor, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, laureate of the Russian Federation Government Prize in the Field of Education
Our oncology center was created as part of a large treatment and diagnostic facility
of the Medicina Clinic. Since 1990, the clinic’s management and staff have been
constantly directing their efforts toward perfecting early preclinical diagnostics of
oncological diseases, using the most modern and effective technologies.
Our efforts have not been wasted. The systematic and goal-oriented work in this area
brought its benefits.

Using the most progressive technology in all the areas of the clinics work, we were able
to take another step forward and solve the task of enormous importance by creating the
Sofia* Oncology Center of the international level as part of the Medicina Clinic.
The centers main purpose is implementing the worlds best achievements in diagnostic
methods and treatment of malignant tumors, which, ultimately, allows us to significantly
increase the number of lives saved. When our patients come to the center, they have
a unique opportunity to receive the full range of medical and diagnostic services in one
place, from blood tests to high-technology treatment. This is particularly important for
patients with complex disorders, who not only require help of an oncologist, but of other
specialists as well —a cardiologist, a neurologist, an endocrinologist. Our patients have
a certain advantage, since they can receive comprehensive medical assistance all within
a single building.
Comprehensive approach means every patients need will receive special attention.
Helping a patient is not just a well-conducted diagnostics and correctly prescribed
treatment, but also rehabilitation, social adaptation and psychological help.
Plastic surgery after breast cancer-related operation, selection of wigs for patients
undergoing chemotherapy, specialized dentist service help patients feel confident
in everyday life.
   The Sofia* Oncology Center of the Medicina Clinic