You may question the importance ofhaving computer and the Internet available inthe hospital ward. Really, itisnot the crucial thing, but from our experience weknow, that ifthe patient isprovided with genuine comfort and with all the necessary things allowing his/her complete living, he/she will recover much faster.

Nowadays people are getting used tothe real comfort. Ofcourse, itismore pleasant tospend the time atthe resort, inaluxurious hotel, but aslong asyou find yourself inahospital ward, there isnoneed todeprive yourself ofthe conveniences you are accustomedto.

InMedicina hospital wehave single and double “lux” class wards, withTV, telephone and bathroom.

The hospital isintended for therapeutic and surgical treatment. Our doctors are high-class professionals. They use the most up-to-date means ofdiagnostics, conservative and surgical therapy. For instance, the widely used method ofendoscopic surgery, when all the internal manipulations are carried out through atiny incision with the specialized instruments. Such asurgical operation virtually leaves noscars and ismuch better endured bythe patients.

All our doctors were trained inthe best medicinal educational institutions inRussia and abroad. They have vast and valuable hands-on experience. Most ofthem have doctorate andPh.D. degree. Our nurses are trained bythe special program, which isused inAmerican clinics. Asone ofour patients noticed, Can you imagine, they are always smiling!

And you don’t have toworry about the food. Dishes are delivered toour patients atthe special order from the restaurant Doctor, located onthe first floor ofthe clinic. And what ismore – wehave our winter garden. Its bracing air cures better than any medicine.

Thanks tointensive treatment methods and effective medicines, your stay inthe hospital ismost likely tobebrief.


Nataliya V. Kondratova, Chief of Hospital, MD

Hospital includes the following specialists:

  • Anesthesiologist ERDoctor
  • Cardiosurgeon
  • Treating Doctor (Therapist, Surgeon etc.)
  • Endovascular Surgeon