Family medicine

The functioning offamily medicine department isbased onfamily doctors, who are responsible for treating all the family members. This idea used tobeemployed inRussia, when there were local doctors ateach territorial entity. Today there are private medical practitioners inmany countries. Incontemporary medicine family doctor isnot one person, itisaprofessional team consisting ofatherapist, apediatrician, nurses and doctors ofall specializations. Their credois “a comprehensive approach tothe patient: diagnostics, treatment, prophylaxis and rehabilitation.

Over the 16years ofwork our clinic has won authority with the colleagues and the patients’ trust. Weproved that the medicine can becomfortable and avisit tothe doctor can bepleasant.

Our main principle isanindividual approach toeach patient. Doctor keeps intouch with the patient, always knowing how heisand always ready totake timely preventive measures ifnecessary. This allows avoiding many illnesses.

Family doctors qualification combining several specialties inone guarantees right diagnosis and effective treatment based onthe comprehensive examination ofthe patient and consultations with other specialists ifnecessary. The atmosphere ofcare and security also plays asignificant role, being the first step for personal and professional success.

The family medicine department ofMedicina offers its services topoliticians, artists and top-managers, for everybody, whose work pace requires extra attention totheir health. Family doctors conduct out-patient and in-patient treatment, securing consistency oftreatment and preventive steps. Your family doctor will organize consultations with the leading specialists ofMedicina, sothat you will not towaste your time.

The patient examination involves all diagnostic opportunities ofmulti-profile clinic Medicina, which isone ofthe best among the most prestigious medical institutions with regard todiagnostics equipment, doctors qualification, quality oftreatment and service.


OlgaI. Beregko, Chief of Family Medecine Department, MD