Diagnostic department

The diagnosis ofvarious diseases atthe earliest stages ofdevelopment plays avery important role inbeing cured. Inour clinic highly skilled professionals work using the latest diagnostic equipment.

Atthe disposal ofthe diagnostics department ofthe clinic Medicina isaunique range ofinstruments. They make itpossible for our highly qualified specialists todoawide set oftests.

The tests that can bedone inthe laboratory include everything from the classical morphological ones tothe latest genetic ones. The highly specific immunological methods ofanalysis and the method ofapolymer chain ofreactions, PCR, makes itpossible toreliably determine the pathogen ofthe infectious disease and control the course oftreatment.

The tests can bedone athome orinthe office which not only saves the time ofthe patient, but also increases the trustworthiness ofthe results. The department isexcellently equipped: itcan doultrasound tests and X-rays as well as MRI and CT scans. The new multi-spiral CT-scanner makes itpossible toget cross section and also three dimensional images ofthe organs sometimes making colonoscopy and bronchoscopy unnecessary.

Capsule endoscopy makes itpossible tosee inside the small intestines painlessly.

The diagnostic department, with its innovative equipment, state ofthe art laboratory and highly qualified doctors gives comprehensive, objective and quality results thanks tothe cardinally new approach tothe organization ofthe treatment and diagnostic process. This guarantees the trustworthiness ofthe results received and isthe key tothe correct diagnosis and the following treatment.

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Igor A. Makolin, Chief of 2 Diagnostics Department Department Oksana E. Platonova, Chief of Diagnostics Departmen

Inthe diagnostic department there are:

  • Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Genetic Laboratory
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Night Clinical Laboratory
  • Endoscopist

Inthe diagnostic department there are:

  • Densitometry
  • Radiologist
  • CTRadiologist
  • Mammography Radiologist
  • MRI Radiologist
  • USG Diagnostics
  • Functional Diagnostics