2Clinical department

2 Clinical Department of JSC "Medicina" is the Department where your trusted physicians, such as therapists and pediatricians, work; the Department where you can apply with any your problems to physicians not only in the Policlinic, but also at home. This is the Department where physicians will offer you to undergo complex examination for early disease symptoms even if you have no complaints, select an individual program of treatment and rehabilitation for you. The physicians of the Department work in close contact with all the specialists and use all the resources of our Hospital. Our physicians will assist you in obtaining a certificate for swimming pool, sanatorium-and-spa cards, and a certificate for the Traffic Police or for a license for arms.

In the Children's Department kids are waited for by not only pediatricians, but also such specialists as a neurologist, a cardiologist, a logopedist, an orthopedist, a psychologist, a dermatologist. There is a massage room, a procedure unit and a vaccination room. Under the guidance of an experienced nurse the smallest kids will learn how to swim. There is a healthy child room where young mothers will get assistance in organizing feeding and regime for a child and can attend a course on conditioning to cold.

Our physicians will help kids adapting in our very "unchildish world", will assist them in communicating with their peers; will help you to understand your children better.

We will help you preserve your health, get protection against diseases, and, consequently, be forever young.

What is most important, our employees are ready to extend their love and care to you.

The following specialists are ready to receive you:

  • Children's allergist
  • Intravenous laser therapy
  • General practitioner (family's doctor)
  • Children's gastroenterologist
  • Children's dermatologist
  • Children's immunologist/infectiologist
  • Children's cardiologist
  • Children's logopedist
  • Children's masseurs
  • Children's neurologist
  • Children's nephrologist
  • District pediatricians
  • Children's procedure unit
  • Children's psychologist
  • District therapists
  • Children's traumatologist/orthopedist