A “Medical and insurance companies’ information security - new threats and protection technologies” conference took place at the Medicina Clinic


A “Medical and insurance companies’ information security - new threats and protection technologies” conference took place at the Medicina Clinic

The leading specialists of Medicina JSC and CJSC “DialogNauka” shared their experience of using innovation technologies in the field of information security.

Moscow, March 14, 2014 - A “Medical and insurance companies’ information security - new threats and protection technologies” conference took place at the Medicina Clinic. The conference was organized for representatives of medical and insurance companies together with CJSC “DialogNauka”
Grigory Roytberg, President of Medicina JSC, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said in his welcoming speech: “Information security in a medical facility is closely tied with the general level of information technology. When developing such projects as smart-operating rooms, smart-wards, electronic patient records with on-line access, we regard the security of patients’ personal records and protection against potential threats as of paramount importance.” At the same time Grigory Roytberg noted that for the moment a number of major information security problems have not yet been solved. Thus, if an insurance company sends a patient to a clinic, it has to get his consent to be able to access his patient records.
Victor Parkhomenko, Medicina Clinic Deputy Director of IT department for operations, told about the stages of building up an information security management system at the Medicina Clinic. He stated that the implementation of the information security management system (ISMS) in the clinic allowed to minimize costs, mitigate the risks associated with potential risks to company assets, reduce operational costs by means of ISMS process formalization, ensure compliance of ISMS level with the legal, industrial, contract and internal company demands and objectives.
Sergey Smolin, Medicina JSC informational security engineer, told about what in particular is subject to informational protection at the Medicina clinic, what are the informational system security threats, what are the demands and what difficulties the IT specialists of the clinic had to face while implementing the information security management system of Medicina JSC.
The other speakers at the conference were: Victor Serduyk, CJSC “DialogNauka” Director General, with the “Modern threats to information security” report;Roman Vanerke, CJSC “DialogNauka” Head of technical solution department , on the topics of “Organizing the monitoring of information security events on the base of HP ArcSight solutions” and “RedSeal - a universal platform for visualization and network security risk analysis”; Ilya Romanov, CJSC “DialogNauka” Assistant head of consulting and audit department, touched the issue of “Practical aspects of personal data protection in medical and insurance companies”;Andrey Masalovich, CJSC “DialogNauka” competitive intelligence line manager, shared the information on the modern technologies of Internet-resources monitoring;Nikolay Petrov, CJSC “DialogNauka” Business Development Director, gave the detailed analysis of the “FireEye - next generation system of protection against APT - advanced persistent threat” topic.

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About the Medicina Clinic
Medicina JSC was founded in 1990. The Medicina Clinic is an multi-specialty medical center occupying the space of 35 000 m2: it has a polyclinic, an inpatient facility, a 24 hour ambulance and the Sofia Oncology Center *.
More than 300 doctors of 44 medical specializations work at the Medicina Clinic. Medicina JSC is the only clinic in Russia that is accredited according to the International JCI standards. In December 2012, the Medicina Clinic was recognized the best private clinic in Moscow by the Contest Juri of the Moscow Festival “Formula of Life” in the area of health care, organized under the auspices of the Moscow Government and the Moscow Health Department. The Clinic is certified according to the international standards of ISO 9001:2008, is an award winner of the European contest of quality (EFQM Awards 2012), is part of the Swiss Leading Hospitals Association, and is the recipient of the Prize of the Russian Government in quality.
For more detail: www.medicina.ru

About CJSC “DialogNauka”
CJSC “DialogNauka” provides services in the field of system integration, consulting and package solutions for informational protection. The company occupies the leading positions in the area of software products distribution for protection against viruses, junk, network attacks and other informational security threats.
“DialogNauka” is a member of Information Protection Association, Russian Association for Networks and Services (RANS), NPO “ABISS” and Association of computer and IT undertakings.
The company is a certified partner of BSI Management Systems CIS, holds a GASPROMSERT Compliance certificate and a Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications Personal data Accreditation certificate. The company has got the Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) status that gives the right to conduct certified audit for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance.
Thousands of enterprise users in Russia and other countries including large trading companies and government institutions are enjoying the programs and services from “DialogNauka”.
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