Inpatient Department for 105 beds opened in the new medical facility of the Medicina clinic.


Inpatient Department for 105 beds opened in the new medical facility of the Medicina clinic.

Moscow, July 3, 2013. The Medicina Clinic opened its Inpatient Department, which was moved from Building 1 to the new medical building and significantly expanded (from 38 to 105 beds). The new inpatient department features four “smart” operating rooms, post anesthesia care unit, and intensive care unit. One of the operating rooms is designed for performing hybrid cardiac surgeries, when the patient undergoes CABG and stenting procedure simultaneously. During surgery in the smart operating room, a video recording of the surgical field is conducted, as well as all the instrument readings, and registration of medication that is administered during surgery. The most interesting surgeries will be broadcast on the Internet, with possible distant consultation with leading foreign colleagues. All the information about the surgery is accessible to the patient. Reconstruction of the situation in the operating room may be provided with the possible local and distant viewing of all kinds of medical information that had been registered during the studied period of time. Based on the received information, it becomes possible to create fully illustrated technological maps and standards of conducting surgeries. Smart wards are equipped with remote controlled systems that operate according to the Smart Home principle. Those systems help to establish a delimited controlled access to the patient’s electronic medical records for the patient and medical personnel.

New unique hybrid surgeries are already conducted at the new Inpatient Department. The range of offered treatment is practically unlimited. The most complicated surgeries are conducted with the involvement of the best Russian and foreign surgeons. Thus, cardiac surgeries are performed by leading European cardiac surgeons headed by Professor Alberto Repossini—a world class surgeon, who was one of the first in Europe to perform minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass, and has more than 15 years experience in minimally invasive cardiac surgery.

Laparoscopic prostatectomy surgery is conducted by Dmitry Pavlov, Candidate of Medical Sciences, member of the European Association of Urology (EAU). Dr. Pavlov specializes in laparoscopic surgery for partial nephrectomy, nephrectomy, prostatectomy, percutaneous intervention during kidney stone disease (multiple stones and coral calculus) and benign prostatic hyperplasia, including laser excision of adenoma.

Besides the Medicina Clinics remarkable surgeons, complex gynecological surgeries are conducted by Lev Ashrafyanhead of the Laboratory of Combined Methods of Treating Gynecological Diseases of the Russian Scientific Center of Radiology, Doctor of Medical Science, professor, the Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, a corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences. Dr. Ashrafyan specializes in surgical treatment of oncological diseases in gynecology. A number of his publications is dedicated to methods of treatment of endometrial cancer. Maxim Vysotsky, Doctor of Medical Science, professor, obstetrician gynecologist of the highest qualification, performs surgeries here as well. Dr. Vysotsky is a member of the National Association of gynecologists-endoscopists of Russia, the Russian Society of Endoscopic Surgeons. He was educated in seven world countries, conducts practical activities in the Department of Further Education of the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, has an immense experience of conducting surgeries, and is the author of numerous successful methodics. Professor E. Pevzner conducts minimally invasive neurosurgeries at the premises of the Medicina Clinic.

It is impossible to list all the highly qualified surgeons who operate at the Medicina Clinics Inpatient Department, as it is impossible to describe all the accessible types of treatment. The main thing is the combination of the best professionals, the latest technologies and unsurpassed service. Maximally comfortable conditions for inpatients are created in the wards. The wards are designed according to the standards of a five-star hotel by professional designers and have little resemblance to hospital interior. For patients who prefer not to interrupt their business affairs during hospitalization, two-bedroom luxury suites are provided: the patient receives treatment in one room, and conducts meetings in another.

Building II is adjacent to Building I, which allows to combine powerful diagnostic and rehabilitation possibilities of a polyclinic with inpatient treatment.

With the Inpatient Departments move, the Clinics new building began working at full capacity, step by step increasing the volume of medical assistance rendered. The President of the Medicina Clinic, Academic of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Grigory Roytberg emphasized: We created the high technology clinic of the 21st century. Uniting the two medical buildings into one clinical complex of more than 35,000 square meters is a big step in the right direction. Today, more than 2,000 patients per day come to the Medicina Clinic, and we provide medical assistance that correspond to the best world standards. It is not a coincidence that Medicina Clinic is the only one in Russia that corresponds to the highest world JCI standards. In order to support the highest quality of medical assistance, the number of patients will gradually increase: in the first yearby 20-25 percent, afterwardsby 10-15 percent.

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About the Clinic

Medicina JSC was founded in 1990. The Medicina Clinic is an multi-specialty medical center: it has a polyclinic, an inpatient facility, a 24 hour ambulance and the Sofia Oncology Center *. More than 300 doctors and 44 medical specialists work at the Medicina Clinic. Medicina JSC is the only clinic in Russia that is accredited according to the International JCI standards. In December 2012, the Medicina Clinic became the recipient of the Moscow Festival prize in health care, Formula of Life, organized under the auspices of the Moscow Government and the Moscow Health Department, in the Nonstate medical organization category. The Clinic is certified according to the international standards of ISO 9001:2008, is an award winner of the European contest of quality (EFQM Awards 2012), is part of the Swiss Leading Hospitals Association, and is the recipient of the Prize of the Russian Government in quality. For more detail:

About the new building

The new building of Medicina Clinic has a diagnostic department, multi-specialty inpatient department and the Sofia* Oncology Center, created with the methodological support of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (USA), Davidoff Clinic (Israel) and Chemotherapy Department of the Martin Luther University Clinic (Germany). The Oncology Center includes a pathology department, a radiation therapy department equipped with two TruBeam linear accelerators made by VARIAN, a chemotheraphy department for 20 beds, combined with a laboratory for preparation of cystostatics and outpatient center for oncological patients, as well as surgery. For diagnostics of oncological diseases, the capacity of diagnostic center is used. The Center includes radiological diagnosis with the use of PET-CT Gemini Phillips and BrightView gamma camera, as well as a powerful MRT equipment.

The total investment in the new buildings construction and acquisition of new equipment was 4.28 billion rubles. The construction was carried out at the Medicina Clinics own expense, with loan funds and IFC investments in the Medicina JSC. The opening of the new building creates additional 400 jobs in the course of three years.