World's leading medical experts participate in the international conference High-precision radiation therapy in modern cancer treatment strategies held in Moscow.


World's leading medical experts participate in the international conference High-precision radiation therapy in modern cancer treatment strategies held in Moscow.

On November 23, 2012 the international conference “High-precision radiation therapy in modern cancer treatment strategies” took place at Moscow Medical Clinic Medicina (JSC). More than 150 oncologists, radiotherapists, chemo therapists, doctors of other specialties and health care practitioners took part in the conference.
The Conference presentations were made by professor Zvi Y. Fuchs (director of the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown in Lisbon, Portugal); professor Carlo Greco, (consultant of Medicina JSC and Head of the Radiotherapy Service, Fundación Champalimaud. Lisbon. Portugal);
Sergey Usichkin and Stanislav Zakharov (radiotherapists of the Radiotherapy Service at Sofia* Oncology Center); Nadezhda Kaplyukova (senior medical physicist at Sofia* Oncology Center)
Alexey Hripun, Deputy Head of Moscow Health Care Department addressed the participants of the conference emphasizing the importance of public–private partnership in health care sector. Mr. A. Hripun named Medicina JSC which accepts more than 10.5 thousand patients through a nation-wide compulsory medical insurance (OMS/CMI) system, a good, though infrequent, example of such partnership between the municipality and private business ventures. Modern high-precision radiotherapy techniques are in great demand in Moscow public health care as it exceeds the existing offer.
Professor Fuchs described in detail the revolution in oncology made by the method of High-Precision Single Dose Radiotherapy delivered directly to the tumour area. He called this method pioneering biology which leads to absolutely new positive effect for the patients.

Thus such tumors as melanoma which was earlier resistant to treatment can now be treatable with this new technique of radiotherapy. The Single Dose method has changed the approach of treatment of oncological diseases - in some case it substitutes traditional methods, e.g. chemotherapy, or is combined with them.
To demonstrate the advantages of the Single Dose method Professor Carlo Greco described some particular cases from his medical practice. He showed that the metastatic cancer responds to this treatment and even multiple metastases can be removed in one session of Single Dose Radiotherapy treatment.
Many patients leave the radiotherapy department just 10 minutes after the session with very favorable prognosis both for the patient's longevity and quality of life. Lack or minimally invasive surgery, the absolute accuracy of targeting enable patients to overcome cancer and to return to active life. Today only a few dozen of medical centers in the world have put the Single Dose technology into practice, but their quantity constantly grows, as it is the technology of the future, - emphasized prof. C.Greco.
Medicina JSC is the first medical institution in Russia to have introduced the Single Dose technology which requires diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment of the latest generation as well as well-trained specialists and access to international protocols. And though today we are the only medical center of such level in Russia, I trust in the fast development of new technologies, - said Grigory E. Roytberg, President of Medicina JSC, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

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