May 31, 2016
Recently, the clinic of "Health" paid a working visit to the chief doctor GBUZ "City Clinical Hospital № 5", chairman of the NGO "Association Metropolitan doctors' Shamil Gaynulin, honored doctor of the republic of Tatarstan, MD and Head of the Department of Automated Systems management "GKB №5", the coordinator of the regional public organization "association Metropolitan physicians' Timothy Ageenko.
Shamil Gaynulin told the meeting participants about the activities of "Metropolitan Association of physicians", shared his plans for the future. In particular, Gaynulin described in detail the need for the participation of the medical community in the creation of health development programs in the development of medical law, which is at the legislative level will regulate the relationship between patient and physician, in the formation of the system of public control over the state of health of the citizens and the authorities' activities, responsible for ensuring conditions for maintaining the health of citizens. In the face of the president of the clinic "Medicine" Gregory Roitberg Shamil Gaynulin invited clinic doctors join forces to work for the benefit of the Russian health care and take part in the projects of the NGO "Association Metropolitan physicians."
President of OAO "Medicine", Gregory Roitberg supported the need to unite the efforts of the medical community and reiterated its readiness to support the NGO. Grigori noted that due to the "Capital of association of physicians" and the personal contribution of Shamil Gaynulin, the interaction between the members of the professional community has reached a new level of productivity. Moscow doctors have received a forum to discuss health problems and the possibility of a joint search for solutions.
The meeting also discussed areas of cooperation between the NGO "Association Metropolitan doctors" and support of the Foundation "Physician brotherhood" of health professionals established OAO "Medicine". Shamil Gaynulin Noting the work of the Fund "Physician brotherhood", emphasized the importance of what doctors assist colleagues who find themselves in difficult life circumstances.