The mission of Medicina JSC is to introduce the world's best certified treatment and diagnostics methods on the Russian health care market in order to extend and improve the quality of patient's life by using evidence-based approach.

We strive to render comprehensive hi-tech medical assistance to our patients on a partnership basis provided that patients and their family members are actively involved in making decisions regarding their health and well-being.

Values/ principles for improvement

Serving patients’ needs:

§ treating patients and their families as partners during the treatment process;

constant sincere wish to help each and every patient;

providing patients access to information regarding the type, diagnostics and treatment of their diseases, contributing to patients strive to be well-informed about decisions regarding their health and well-being;

honesty and sincerity in all our actions;

surpassing patients and their families expectations.

Dedication to quality:

creating high quality guarantees and observing them: the quality of medical assistance is guaranteed by written criteria known to the patient;

constant aspiration to ensure the ideal quality of services;

continuous mastering all the processes that can ensure the provision of high quality services: expertise; quality of service; excellence of technologies; quality of management;

continuous determination to achieve top results in all areas of activity: measurements, monitoring, reporting regarding services and quality standards, patients satisfaction and comparison with the best in class.

Obligatory application of the evidence-based approach regarding the quality of medical assistance, equipment and doctors qualification.

Team work:

rendering medical assistance at the University hospital provides the possibility of collaborative medical and scientific work for the leading scientists and doctors.

interaction of all parties involved in the process of rendering medical aid to patients as a team of highly qualified devoted professionals that follow corporate culture provisions;

joint activities to support cooperation and active involvement of all parties and encouragement of personal initiatives;

following a succession principle when treating patients;

constant interest in professional development of each employee;

establishing and maintaining close business relations with colleagues, partners and public institutions.

Social responsibility:

providing the possibility for collaborative work of medical faculties and highly professional medical teams, turning Medicina JSC into a centre of competence in the healthcare industry;

work for the good of mankind - preserving and improving the health of population, raising the quality of life;

supporting the communities where we live and work;

helping those in need and assisting them in hard financial conditions;

desire to change in response for the changing demands of society.

Finances and control:

using a systemic approach to the selection and financing of projects, which contributes to improving the performance and productivity of business and to achieving goals that support this mission;

functioning not for wealth purposes, but for providing a sufficient remuneration, given the current and future demands;

achieving high productivity by effectively using all resources, including intangible ones;

reporting regarding the resources used on all levels of the company.

Our Vision

We are establishing a world-renowned clinic that maintains leadership in the Russian health care market. In response to the changing public needs, we are constantly improving all areas of our activity to ensure the highest customer satisfaction level and the perfect quality of medical services.

Achieving the best results, we are creating new, higher standards for assessing the quality of medical care and patient satisfaction. The research and analysis of public needs, patient satisfaction and the quality of the services provided allow us to constantly compare the results of our activity with those of the world's leading clinics, and bring ourselves closer to the ideal. Commitment to excellence is not limited by time or space, and we consider it as an on-going drive for growth and development.