Head Physician of the Inpatient Department

Head Physician of the Inpatient Department

Natalia Vladimirovna Kondratova

Family (General Practice) Physician, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Natalia Vladimirovna Kondratova has graduated from the Fundamental Medicine Faculty of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University majoring in general practice. Underwent clinical internship training in general practice (family medicine) at the Therapy and Family Medicine School of the Russian State Medical University, Faculty of Postgraduate Education, and obtained a diploma in general practice (family medicine).

September 2001 – took part in preparing the scientific workshop “Family medicine. Experience and prospects”.

2002 underwent family medicine internship training at the University of Iowa, US. Received the Grand Expectations Award of the Royal Board of Family Physicians and delivered a report at WONCA conference in June 2002.

2005 was awarded a Young Scientists’ Grant of the Family Physicians Association (Netherlands) and delivered a report in Amsterdam during the regular European Family Physicians Conference.

2007 - Participated in and delivered reports at the following conferences: Euromedica-Hannover 2005, Management of coronary heart disease, WONCA Europe 2004, Pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome

In March 2003 took a professional development course in Pediatrics.

2003 to date has been working for Medicina Clinic. Prior to 2003 worked as a Panel Physician at the US Embassy in Moscow.

In 2004 Natalia Vladimirovna passed the PhD thesis (major Cardiology) Clinical signs of metabolic syndrome with regard to patients with tumor necrosis factor alfa gene.

2006 to date has been teaching at the Therapy and Family Medicine School of the Russian State Medical University, where she is employed as an Assistant.

Author of more than 15 publications in leading Russian and foreign journals (Heart, Diabetes researches, Atherosclerosis) on cardiovascular diseases risk factors, prevention and forecast of risk of coronary events for patients with metabolic syndrome. Co-author of monograph Metabolic syndrome published in 2006.

Speaks English, German and French.

Attended training courses in ISO 9001:2008 and internal auditing.

Certified assessor (in accordance with EFQM certification requirements).

In 2008 - received a citation from Moscow Health Care Department.