EFQM certification

EFQM EEA Prize Winner2012October 9, 2012 Brussels - Moscow clinic of "Medicine" won the award for excellence of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) in competition EFQM Awards 2012.


Сертификат EFQM 2012


In summer 2008 experts of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) confirmed that OAO Medicina was the only clinic in Russia that corresponded to Recognized for Excellence 5* recognition level of the Excellence Model. What does it mean?

The EFQM Excellence Model is our tool for improvement: in order to remain at a 5* level we both study and use the world’s best practices and implement the most effective models and technologies.

We find out your needs and wishes and respect your opinion with a view to constantly improving our services and raising the quality of medical assistance provided.

We use the EFQM Excellence Model as a tool for improvement. In contrast to other clinics, after implementation of the said model OAO Medicina has acquired an opportunity to ensure the highest level of safety and protection of our customers’ rights.

We can guarantee that

treatment and medical examination at our Clinic are carried out in accordance with Medical and Economic Standards (MES). We provide you with a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that secure high quality diagnostics and treatment in conformity with the best European and world’s standards;

  • you are assigned to your personal ailing physician;
  • you can visit a doctor the same day you make an appointment;
  • once an appointment is made you will not have to get into a line;
  • when you are treated by a physician, pediatrician and gynecologist a uniform approach is applied; thus, one ailing physician can provide a complex check-up as well as coordinate and control the work of other specialists;
  • your medical examination results will be recorded on a CD and provided to you if necessary;
  • in case of hospitalization outpatient physicians will look after you and provide in-patient services;
  • a physician or pediatrician will recommend that you should have a medical check-up.

Most importantly, we can make sure that all your wishes, remarks and opinions will be taken into consideration. We sincerely hope that we will be able to make our dialogue successful, as it is you who are our final arbiter that can assess the quality of our services and help us create values which are essential both for a high quality of life of and health preservation.