JSC “Medicina” is a private multidisciplinary clinic that has rendered a wide range of outpatient and inpatient healthcare services to its patients for more than 20 years. The Clinic employs over 900 people, with more than 340 physicians of 72 specialties (including full-time and part-time employees and consultants), 13 Academicians of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 4 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 18 Doctors of Medical Sciences and Professors and 60 Candidates of Medical Sciences among them.

JSC Medicina is a clinical base for the Chair of Therapy and Family Medicine of the Doctors Improvement Faculty of the Russian State Medical University. It is included into the list of innovatively active healthcare institutions of Moscow on whose base clinical research can be conducted.

In its activities the Clinic implements advanced achievements of the world’s healthcare system and performs systemic work to apply innovative technologies. In 2010 The Clinic became a laureate of the Russian Government Quality Award.

Innovative IT infrastructure: SMART clinic, SMART wards, SMART operating rooms

JSC Medicina pays close attention to the implementation of advanced IT technologies that contribute to a higher quality of medical care. Its been more than 12 years since an electronic medical record system (EMRS) was introduced in the Clinic. What is more, it has put into practice digital archiving solutions that allow the Clinic to keep the results of medical examinations carried out with the use of various medical equipment (CT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound devices and endoscopy equipment).

The clinic was among the first to have explored the world wide web opportunities and to have offered a convenient online appointment scheduler and patients access to electronic medical records via www.medicina.ru. Today any patient of the clinic is entitled and has an opportunity to get access to his/her electronic medical record via any computer or mobile device, which enables us to exercise absolutely new public control.

For interactive communication with patients we use videoconferencing via the Internet, a solution helping patients to hear the doctor and to see him/her at the same time.

The following IT systems represent the main process loop of the IT infrastructure of JSC Medicina that satisfies the requirements of a medical process:

· Medical information system (polyclinic, hospital and laboratory modules). Home grown. Development language: Delphi, SQL server Firebird.

Radiation information system (RIS). Foreign make/ SQL server MSSQL 2008.

CD medical record software. Own development. Development language: .NET

Pharmacy module to manage pharmacy activities. Home grown. SQL server MSSQL 2003.

Inpatient interactive system. Own development.

In the run up to the opening of a new building, development of technological opportunities and provision of the new quality of services JSC Medicina has been implementing a smart clinic project in collaboration with IBM. This project is based on a Data Processing Center (DPC) designed in accordance with reliability, safety and fault-tolerance requirements. The modern data transmission network is intended for the transmission of large volumes of information and meets safety requirements stipulated by law. Responsibility Center, as well as Network Management Center, will be located at the Clinics Situation Center, with active work currently underway.

Smart operating rooms that will be put into operation at the new building of the Clinic serve as a vivid example of how hi tech technologies are implemented in the healthcare sector. In particular, an automatic anesthesia control system is envisaged to be used at such operating rooms. Once a surgeon enters a smart operating room all the equipment is already adjusted according to his/her preferences, which cannot but contribute to a successful result of any surgery.

A smart clinic project presupposes centralized management over engineering and IT infrastructures of the building. This is a pilot project which is unique and has no analogues in Russia.

Hi-tech cancer center

In 2011 JSC Medicina will put into operation a new building with a high tech cancer center built with methodological assistance of foreign clinics (Memorial Sloan Cancer Center, USA, and Rabin Medical Center — Davidoff Center,Israel). This cancer center of JSC Medicina will be a role model and will implement all the worlds known existing innovative technologies for diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients.

The cancer center is intended for:

Improvement and implementation of new radiation technologies for diagnosis and treatment of the most serious diseases.

Provision of a full scope of hi tech treatment and diagnostic services to population.

Radiation healthcare technologies (diagnostic and therapeutic) are widely used in practically all countries of the world. As soon as a cancer center of JSC Medicina is put into operation it will allow JSC Medicina to reduce the cancer death rate by 25%.

We plan to provide high tech treatment to patients suffering from malignant tumors (main localizations) and cardio-vascular diseases. Treatment of cancer pathologies will be provided both as a separate solution for radical or palliative care and can be also used as a stage of combined and complex treatment of malignant tumors (main localizations).

The cancer center of JSC Medicina will house a Radiation Detection Department (using the first in Moscow PET/CT Gemini TF Philips and Bright View Gamma Camera), a Radiation Therapy Department equipped with two linear accelerators of the revolutionary new TrueBeam model produced by VARIAN (the first in Russia) and a Chemotherapy Department for 25 posts combined with a laboratory preparing chemical agents and an outpatient center for cancer patients.

Since the start of the wide use of PET/CT diagnostics in oncology the forecast of patients survival has risen twofold. The use of PET/CT diagnostics allows to

increase the number of newly detected malignant tumors by 15-20%;

improve the quality of diagnostics of cardio-vascular diseases by 30-40%;

achieve the five-eightfold reduction in the number of cancer recurrence;

achieve cure of locally advanced prostate cancer in 95-99% cases;

reduce cancer neglect rates by 15-20%;

reduce cancer death rates by 5-30%

Accreditation and certification to the best international healthcare and service quality control standards (model for Russian healthcare institutions)

JSC Medicina is the only Russian clinic that obtained JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation in May 2011 and has passed certification to international standards (namely, its quality management system has been certified to ISO 9001:2008). Moreover, the Clinic has been granted 5* EFQM Excellence Award (European Foundation for Quality Management).

Currently, there are a little bit more than 400 hospitals all over the world that have passed JCI certification, i.e. they meet the highest world standards. JCI accreditation is the most impartial and prestigious international healthcare certification, which is considered the golden standard of quality and certifies the conformance of a healthcare institution to the worlds medical and administrative standards as well as to the requirements concerning international patient safety purposes.

For over 20 years the quality of treatment and safety of patients have been the number one priorities for JSC Medicina and will continue to be the same onwards.